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    June 10, 2014  by Amy Campbell

    You Are Doing it Wrong Pt. 2 – The Business Case

    In this second part of the You Are Doing It Wrong series, we develop the business case for Marketing Automation.
    A major shift in the sales process has nearly eliminated the “prospecting” from the process entirely. Now, marketing and sales teams work together to engage potential clients much earlier in the process by helping customers […]


    You Are Doing it Wrong and Your Salespeople Hate You!

    Winning Over The Sales Team and Bringing Up The Bottom Line…Can both be done? Yes. Read on!

    Ask any Sales Professional and they’ll tell you, they don’t want to waste their time cold calling and getting unlimited access to voicemail and email.  But, let’s be honest, the common thought is: marketing did all the […]

    March 23, 2014  by Amy Campbell

    What is a White Paper and What is it Intended to Accomplish?

    Tip: When drafting a whitepaper, you must get specific about WHAT, WHY and WHAT. *Seldom should you ever tell the HOW.
    A whitepaper is a knowledge transfer content piece. Basically, it delivers information about a subject/topic which is a factual, and typically uses data and in-house or third-party research to communicate the direct benef […]

  • October 6, 2013  by Amy Campbell

    Don’t Be A Marketing Jerk – Lesson #1

    TRUTH: The  best way to ensure you are not a Marketing Jerk is to be developing vital content your audience cares about, and distributing it in complementary ways to entice them to engage with you.
    The best content is the vital content your reader is looking for RIGHT NOW to solve some point of pain in their place of business.
    Unfortun […]

    October 1, 2013  by Amy Campbell

    Thank You. How May I Be Of Service To You?

    Initiating Action and Showing Gratitude
    By using social media to interact with your market, and going beyond simple interaction to actually creating and maintaining the conversations, you will establish yourself as a thought leader in your market.
    Social media interaction does not negate the need for good manners and old fashioned courtes […]

    September 30, 2013  by Amy Campbell

    Top Down SocMed Strategies for Thought Leadership


    Getting Your Boss’s Buy-in
    It may be a challenge to convince the powers-that-be in your organization to allow you to engage with your social media network during business hours, even if it is to establish yourself as a thought leader in your company’s industry.
    Company leaders have different approaches towards soc […]

  •  by Amy Campbell

    Cross-Pollinization to Increase Thought Leadership

    Finding Ideas from Sources Outside of Your Industry
    “Cross Pollinization” is the concept of taking an idea or topic from a seemingly unrelated industry and questioning how it can improve, change, grow, or affect your industry. This is a great way to post unexpected and unusual conversation threads.

    An unusual t […]

    September 23, 2013  by Amy Campbell

    So Much SocMed – So Little Time!

    Developing a Multi-approach Strategy
    Use efficiency tools such as hootsuite.com that enable you to manage many of your profiles and online activities on popular social networks from one place. So you don’t have to login to each social site individually in order to share, post, reply etc.
    Make a list of the social […]

    September 16, 2013  by Amy Campbell

    How To Get Heard with Shorter Attention Spans

    Posting Frequently
    In today’s world of social media soundbites, people have shorter and shorter attention spans. Conversations are taking place online, and the only real question is: will YOU be part of them? If you are not a part of the conversation, you are quickly forgotten. So set up a time every day or week to be engaged in some wa […]

    September 9, 2013  by Amy Campbell

    Are You Part of a CEO-cial Network?

    Being Part of a “CEO-cial” Network
    Make it a habit to follow a highly select group on all the social networks you use. Identify at least five to fifteen respected and trusted executives, leaders, and advisers whose knowledge and insights have a meaningful impact on your professional capacity and performance. By surrounding yourself wi […]

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