Current State Analysis Identity, Branding and Messaging Content Review


Level 1 Activities


Corporate Identity

The cornerstone on which your business will build a presence within your industry and a reputation with your customers is its identity. This identity is as much what YOU say about your company as the perception of your company by your prospective customers and what THEY say about YOU! A review of your Corporate Identity is a vital part of business strategy that is most often overlooked. The Red Checker can review your corporate identity and differentiators from time to time to see what people are saying about you and provide valuable feedback allowing you to surgically target prospective clients with directed branding and marketing campaign messaging.


Logo Review and Development

Your brand or trademark may include your company name, the logo, color combination, font style, a symbol or emblem, anything which when viewed or heard repeated, leads consumers of your goods and services to readily recognize your company. Did you get started without the help of a graphics design team or a marketing consultant? Does your current logo design detract from or has it stopped reflecting the growth or vision of the company? If your logo or brand is not readily identified by your potential clients then, a review and a re-brand may be in order. This does not always mean doing away with the elements that you have traditionally used. Indeed, a brand, much like a house, can build equity and you don’t want to diminish or destroy the brand if it is already a recognized one within your market space. Once The Red Checker has completed the logo review and development, followed it up with a bit of PR, it could spark new buzz, generating interest within the buyer community about your company’s growth or new offerings.


Survey and Development of Tagline

This small slogan or phrase can communicate a lot or be completely pointless. It should be used when you have an important product differentiator, benefit or catch phrase to convey. It should be catchy and stick in the minds of those that read it or not included at all.


Marketing Messaging

What you say about your company’s services and product benefits in any form becomes your marketing messaging even if it is implied. Are you sure that what you are putting out into the world is the best it can possibly be? Materials that have grammatical errors, misspellings, are poorly formatted and overall do not communicate a quality brand image are doing your business real harm. In some cases, it may be impeding your sales efforts as you are perceived as careless and not attentive to details. These documents should also be your “what’s in it for them” communications and often do not involve pricing. The most successful messages are those that reference the positive outcomes your company was able to achieve for another client or provides case study data. Don’t make the common mistake of assuming the consumer will understand your corporate jargon or engineering speak – this isn’t the case and could turn away potential buyers. In many cases, they don’t understand the benefits of your products or services at all and see no value in changing the way they have been doing business. Let The Red Checker help you convey just how your products and services can meet their individual unique needs. The Red Checker is committed to ensuring that your company makes a compelling and positive impression within trade publications, online venues your audience frequents, direct marketing campaigns and numerous communications tactics.


Website Review (Effectiveness, Search Engine Optimization, Keywords Integration, Messaging)

Your presence on the web is critical. It’s the first place potential clients go to find out who you are and what you sell. Most websites fail to produce any tangible interest measured by leads or sales because they are not providing any value and are only communicating basic product and service feature details. Search engines such as Google, Yahoo!, Bing, for instance, view web pages differently than human readers. These “crawlers” look for text to see what your site is about and give it a ranking based on its relevance based on pretty complex and ever-changing algorithms. This is all to say that your site is then indexed and processed and either has the keywords, density, links and metatags or it doesn’t! This is why some companies devote entire marketing budgets to SEO because they like to be on top on the first page. It doesn’t happen overnight and can require a lot of upkeep and attention to maintain content on your website that is relevant to these search engines. The Red Checker has a dedicated team poised to review your existing website effectiveness and messaging.

Copyright Content Review (web and collateral)

Ensuring that your digital and print content is up to date, copyright protected and available upon request by either a download from your website or via another electronic means is important. As in the previous paragraph, features and jargon are hindering lead generation and sales. The Red Checker works closely with your Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) to build content from those who know the most about the company offerings. Once prepared, we’ll seek corporate approval for the messaging ensuring it is in line with corporate standards and made available for use by those communicating externally on behalf of the company.


Review of Identity and Branding Concepts

Imagery is a powerful tool to communicate and influences the perception of your brand. Whenever possible, high resolution and relevant photography should be utilized to promote your products, the people who make your product possible and stock photo images that equate your brand with quality and values your company wants to promote.


Conference Process/Presence/Exhibitor Booth Review

Where are you presently making touch-points that allow you to directly connect with your potential client base? What is your physical presence at these events and how can you increase your lead generation? What is your Pre to Post Conference process so that you get the most out of every dollar you invest in these kinds of engagements? The Red Checker has coordinated numerous physical and virtual tradeshows. Let us assist you in getting the most out of your next conference commitment.


Media and Marketing Research

The traditional and new media outlets your clients are subscribing to are subject to change over time. Smart phones and notepad computers feed the immediate gratification of online research and knowledge-based media outlets, changing the face of Advertising and Marketing. Already know WHO your audience is and WHERE they go for answers? Let The Red Checker help you determine whether you are prepared to meet them where THEY are – even if that is Social Media (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, etc.).


Training/Presentation Materials Review

To be a thought-leader in any industry, one must embrace authoring editorial or whitepaper content and providing specialized training. Training is an evolving medium and while Powerpoints are prevalent and will likely be for some time, it’s important to remember that your presentation template, formatting, quality content and facilitation, should never be a stumbling block to your actual message. What is your current training delivery methodology? eLearning is a massive market at this time and encompasses self-paced or instructor-led and is web-enabled. Private and regionalized in-classroom educational experiences are still valuable and many still prefer this in-person “live” facilitation method. The Red Checker has significant experience in the preparation of presentation materials for short sessions as well as multiple-day workshops for submittal to industry conferences as well as Multiple-course Series with workbooks and handouts. It cannot be overstated that it is important to review training content yearly to ensure that the audience is correct, messaging is relevant to the demographics of the event and any updated standards and regulations are notes. This is also a good time to update imagery and introduce new products or services.