Current State Analysis Identity, Branding and Messaging Content Review


Level 2 Activities


Identity, Branding and Messaging Content Development

Branding Guide Development and Production

This documentation is often overlooked and is a critical part of building brand equity. The bigger your company grows, the more important this set of guidelines for the use of your company’s most valuable asset (The Logo) becomes! Mis-use or unauthorized use of your company logo can damage your brand and communicate negative things about your company. Brand protection is important and a formalized document describing just how your logo can be used, color combinations, fonts allowable for use, and even file naming conventions may be addressed here. Consistency in your brand communicates quality and attention to detail.


Standardized Templates for Corporate Documents: Forms, Business Cards and Development of Collateral: Brochures, Postcards, Flyers, White Papers, Case Studies and Presentation Materials

If you’ve been working with a hodge-podge of forms, templates and corporate documents, it’s time to clean it up for a standardized look. Branding is important internally and externally. Internal documents that have a consistent brand appearance reflect a company with pride and contribute to positive morale within an organization. External documents have the appearance of a systemized and organized company. It helps to build brand recognition whenever there is a consistent appearance in all communications.


White Paper/Case Study/Testimonial documentation, development and production

Once you have a template, it’s time to get the content! Knowledge-based white papers are a terrific lead generation tactic. In some instances, you can even charge for these, though it is not customary to do so. Case Studies and Customer Success Testimonials are the “proof-in-the-pudding” that some future clients care about. If you can show your successes or have a testimonial or even an “Advocate Client”, you have a third-party verification of your abilities! These are worth their weight in gold when utilized properly.


Presentation Development (PowerPoint Presentation) for: Client Meetings/Conference, etc.

Presentations are more effective when meaningful visual aids are incorporated. Clip Art is out and high quality, relevant imagery is in! The Red Checker is committed to ensuring that the integrity of your messaging is maintained by removing obstacles such as poor or amateurish graphics, wordy and unnecessary text, inconsistent formatting and awkward content flow are noted or replaced with permission.


Development of Training Materials (Slides, Workbooks, Print Materials)

Building a training course and materials which you can package and charge premium rates for doesn’t happen by accident. The Red Checker team of graphic designers and publishing professionals will make your training course a high-quality event which will communicate your company’s commitment to excellence and professionalism. These printed and assembled materials are great for private, on-site trainings and live events as well as public regionalized courses. An adaptation of these materials can be utilized for the Web-enabled Training classes. E-Commerce Integration assistance is available for automating registrations for either.


Press Release Copywriting and Distribution

You need to make your business milestones known. The web allows for you to reach the globe or specific industry and regional newsfeeds depending on your strategy and topic.


Editorial and Feature Story Copywriting

Not everything is newsworthy which is why writing an educational editorial or being featured in a cover story within a trade magazine is so powerful. The Red Checker works with your company Subject Matter Experts and with editors to build content that not only creates interest in your company but can be repurposed as Marketing and Sales content for future use.


Company Store and Promotional Items (logo apparel and giveaways)

Corporate approved logo’d apparel and promotional items are time consuming to research and finding a vendor who values quality, is responsive and affordable can be a challenge. Let The Red Checker’s existing fulfillment partners give you a quote for the items that you want to create the image of professionalism you desire.


Conference/Tradeshow Evaluation and Logistics – Auditing, Selection, Theme, Booth and Collateral Newsletters

Event attendance is expensive and requires a complete evaluation of the past events your company attended and events for future consideration. It is imperative that the influencers you need to purchase your products or services be in attendance. The best impression you can make at every conceivable point of touch with your prospective client should be your number one goal. Overlooking the logistics in pre-planning can cost you big money! So can not having a solid plan for following-up on the leads you get while you attend. The Red Checker can help you pre-plan, strategize, impress and follow-up after the conference.


Lead Generation Process Development and Implementation

How do you build your lead database and what do you do with them once you have them? The lead generation and lead nurturing strategies The Red Checker utilizes have resulted in some of the fastest and highest quality lead generation activities in the industry.

Marketing and Business Development (BD) Planning and Budgeting


Promotional Campaigns

Need to increase demand for your product, differentiate your products or present additional information about your products through incentives? The Red Checker can help you assess your target market, products, message, budget and objectives.


Identify clients/prospects demographics

What does your ideal customer look like – demographically? How do they buy solutions like yours? If you don’t know, you are wasting your time and money marketing to an unknown audience or trying to communicate broadly to an entire industry. As part of this work, we will define the psychographics, demographics and geography of potential buyers as well as the identification of targeted markets – industry verticals.


Budget development for Marketing and BD activities

Developing the Marketing, Media and Conference spend can be overwhelming. Whether the budget is small or large, The Red Checker can manage the development and present the budget for consideration.


Formal evaluation of costs to produce website including but not limited to:

Website hosting, maintenance, review, design/ re-design, analytics, Search Engine Optimization SEO, Local Search set-up. The Red Checker team has the expertise to give you the visual design, thoughtful user interface, consistency, meaningful content, subscriber webforms, web optimization, statistics, tracking analytics and more!


Web marketing strategies development (ex: pay-per-click campaigns, etc.)

Use the keywords that mean something to your prospective customers and pay only when they click to see more about your products and services. This is a good way to drive high volume traffic to your website! Let the experts at The Red Checker guide you through your strategy for an implementation of Google AdWords today!


Recommendations for Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and Marketing Automation to Optimize the Quantity and Quality of Impressions

Where do you integrate all of your lead generation efforts? A robust and scalable CRM system can synchronize your business processes. The measurement capabilities of many CRMs today provide a never-before-seen snapshot of sales, marketing, customer service and technical support activities. These processes allow you to measure and value customer relationships in alignment with your business strategies.


Broadcast announcements and Newsletter Development

Need a way to communicate in a regular way to your lead database with content that is seen as valuable? Try a newsletter or if you aren’t into doing it yourself, all The Red Checker to develop a content team within your organization and we’ll pool the content, package it and you can serve it up right through your CRM or Marketing Automation tools.


Strategic Planning for Sales and Marketing Processes


Sales, Marketing and/or Business Development Process Definition

This defined series of steps should guide prospects from initial contact to purchase and explains each step, the required action for the move to the next step, the literature and tools you provide to move to the next steps, estimated length of time within each step, and conversion rates. With a documented sales process you can sell more efficiently, generate more accurate sales and revenue reports, estimate the ROI for marketing campaigns and see which stages take the most time.


Set-up, Design and Management Social Media Strategy for Twitter, Linkedin, Facebook and YouTube

This aspect of your marketing messaging is the one element most frequently put on a backburner. In some instances, there is a disbelief that consumers are actually utilizing these forums to make decisions about purchases. But they are! And, if you are not represented there, you are missing out on an opportunity to communicate with your buyers and build rapport and relationship. The Red Checker offers full management of these social media profiles.


Identification of strategic Trade/Professional Organizations for Corporate Involvement (Industrial and/or Chamber)

Corporate responsibility and community involvement go hand-in-hand. In some cases, it makes sense to engage locally within your community where you are located, however, trade and professional organizations and communities regional, national or global. Some have business or personal strategic value than others. Before you make a commitment of time or money, have a strategy going in for what you can give and what your expectations are.