In this informative white paper titled: Becoming a Thought Leader in Your Industry Through Social Media, you will learn:

  • Why staying focused on your message and planning is key to achieving thought leadership
  • How important establishing a leadership console is and why
  • Importance of having multiple channels of interaction to meet your audience where THEY are
  • Why it’s important to be part of a “CEO-cial” network
  • The importance of posting frequently
  • Why looking outside your industry can provide sources for great ideas
  • How to get your boss’s buy-in for content generation and thoughtful use of Social Media
  • And, the importance of action and gratitude online
In addition, you will also find three industry case studies and more!
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Social media is irrevocably changing the business landscape. Businesses and individuals used to just “push” information into the email boxes and hands of their target market, determining and leading the discussion with their potential customers.

Social media has changed that.

People now want to be informed, and engage in a meaningful way in the conversation.

The online conversations around your industry are taking place…
the only question is: will YOU be part of them?