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You know where you want to be.
We’ve got the strategy to get you there!

We are making it easier than ever to lower the cost of sales and increase revenue. At The Red Checker, we are aligning your sales processes with efficiency tools. Using best-in-class CRM and Marketing Automation software, we guide your business development to improve your close-won rates by using proven, tested, repeatable processes. We refer to it as: Marketing Qualification.

What Does this mean?

You still need actionable recommendations right? Our processes aren’t “theory”, they are proven to create thought leadership positioning and increase revenue in your market space by generating inbound traffic to your website. Once there, we’ll coordinate offers and promotions that get you increased lead count, better lead quality and greater intel than you’ve had before so that you can scope your proposals deeper to add more value to your prospects AND your bottom-line. We work together to provide you high volume, high quality leads that are sales-ready.  Schedule a meeting/consult today at: https://TheRedChecker.appointlet.com.

Know this….You’ve come to the right place!

Highly technical products and services require a little more education than your typical “off-the-shelf” solutions.  Don’t abuse your sales teams by making them be on front-end education of prospect.  Providing them with high-quality, sales-ready leads enables them to do more of what they do very best….build relationships, scope projects, propose solutions, negotiate and sell! Sell! SELL!
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