February 18, 2016  by Dylan Langer

Why The Job You Hate Might Not Be That Bad After All

Photo via Pixabay

Photo via Pixabay

Almost every morning, you wake up with a looming sense of dread. The mere thought of getting out of bed and doing your morning routine makes you grit your teeth and question your very existence. You wonder why? Well, you hate your job. I totally understand dragging yourself out of bed every morning to spend the day working in a place you loathe isn’t ideal. It can become downright draining. But, we all know that leaving your soul-sucking job requires more than just packing up your belongings, saying sayonara to your boss, and heading off for greener pastures. As discouraging as it might seem, many people survive in jobs they dislike. Believe it or not, there are a few logical reasons for sticking around. And, here are a few reasons to do just that, even just for a little while longer.

It may seem cliché to bring up money from the outset. But in all honesty, feeling fulfilled and emotionally enriched by your occupation doesn’t cut the mustard or pay the bills for that matter. Obviously, money is an important factor when considering switching jobs. So, if your current position is granting you a healthy paycheck for your suffering, it might be worth the trouble. No, you don’t need to tough it out for the rest of your life. But, building up a savings account will allow you to have comfort and security when you finally decide to move on to something better, especially if that next, more fulfilling position involves a pay cut.

Room for Advancement
It may be possible you love your company. You even feel a sense of loyalty for helping you in your career path. The culture is great, your co-workers are friendly, and you even have a somewhat flexible schedule. It’s simply those day-to-day tasks that are causing your unhappiness. If you hate your job, it’s still important to think about your potential within your current company. Must you pay your dues in this position before you get promoted to something better? Is your employer notorious for starting people at the bottom, so that they have to prove themselves before advancing? If this is the case, maybe you should consider swallowing your pride and putting in the time. It might be worth it in the long run. And, if you still haven’t made any forward progress within the next six months to a year, you can always reevaluate then.

You might hate your position, but that doesn’t mean it’s completely worthless. And, this is true when it comes to the reputation of your employer. Think about your current company. Is it an organization that’s well known and highly respected within your chosen industry? Will sticking around for at least a year provide a nice resume boost and possibly open other opportunities for you? Are you meeting influential and well-connected people who might come in handy down the road? Unfortunately, these factors won’t necessarily make your daily job duties any more enjoyable.

Honing Your Skills
You may be trapped in a job that’s sucking the life out of you, and it can be tough to stay positive. But, regardless of how much you hate your job, you need to realize that you’re still getting something from it. Maybe you’re mastering your customer service skills. Or you’re becoming an expert in running team meetings. Every job presents an opportunity to try to learn new things. So, if your current position is allowing you to become more skilled in an area that you could use some improvement, it might be worth sticking around to refine those skills. That way you can be more qualified and impressive when a bigger and better opportunity comes along. Watch “Your Current Job Is Your Launch Pad” – featuring Mike Loomis.

Unfortunately, it is not wise to jump ship until you know exactly what you’re moving to. You may have a hard time determining your next step if you don’t have a clear idea of what you want to do. Most of us waver in our careers now and then, and that’s understandable. But, there’s no point in saying by to that reliable paycheck only to be unemployed or to find yourself in another job you hate just as much (or even more!) as the one you have now. So, look at your current situation as an opportunity to get a handle on the types of things you won’t do in a future job. I recommend that you take some time to evaluate what you’re looking for, all the while gaining some job experience and collecting a paycheck while you do so? Well, that doesn’t seem too bad.

There’s no doubt about it, roughing it out in a job you hate can be a challenge. But, there are a few things that might just make it worth it. Weigh your options carefully and decide whether sticking around will eventually pay off. You never know you, maybe one day you’ll decide to pull the trigger and find that job you’ve been longing for. A wise man once told me always to keep that resume handy because your always one new boss away from loathing that seemingly perfect new job.





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