How to work with the Résumé Lady

The process is as follows:

  1. You send me the resume to:
  2. I contact you to schedule a one hour review and invoice you $79 via PayPal.
  3. We review the resume together on a live screen share and take notes that I share with you.
  4. At that time, if you want to do the edits you have paid me only $79.
  5. It depends on the level of the work required, but we use per page pricing, and we’ve found that most are at least two pages, and experienced professionals usually need more to tell their story. You pay the invoice into PayPal and it sits there until you are happy with the final product.
  6. At that time, I transfer it into my account.
  7. If interested in LinkedIn, you and I discuss whether you want to move into LinkedIn optimization.
  8. We schedule the LinkedIn screen share.
  9. I send and you pay a separate PayPal invoice for $150.
  10. I get on a 1.5 hr 1-to-1 with you using a screen share application again where I am logged into your LinkedIn while you and I engage to repopulate the resume content and answer questions not addressed on the resume. During this time I also coach you through using the platform to job search and connect with recruiters.

That’s it.
To get started, you should send your resume to me at: and I will circle back to schedule a review time that works for you.