August 19, 2013  by Amy Campbell

Planning and Focus Required for Thought Leadership







Staying focused is the key to achieving thought leadership. Online Tools for planning and visualization are a great help when mapping out how you want to be perceived in your market, and how to build your virtual image. Mind-mapping tools available on sites such as can help you organize and prioritize your initial thoughts.


Be careful not to get so caught up in details, that you lose sight of your vision of becoming a thought leader in your area of expertise. Websites like can be used to create your own online vision board. This will be a place where your followers can see what you are about, what is important to you, and can share your thoughts with their colleagues. Your “gallery” on Pinterest might include a picture of a desired future state in your industry, or headshots of your mentors and heros in your industry. Let your tribe add images, allowing it to be a collaborative effort.

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Becoming a Thought Leader in Your Industry Through Social Media.

Becoming a Thought Leader in Your Industry Through Social Media

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