I hired Amy to provide expertise needed to take a new innovative training product to an industrial market using modern tools and techniques. Amy is a true professional and expert in the use of social media and digital advertising for marketing. She reduced the complexity of a marketing plan into a series of logical steps required to bring the product to market. I highly recommend Amy for any company needing a creative, effective marketing approach. I know this rainmaker will have you buying umbrellas.

Mike Miller

Amy recently handled a very important project for our company. I found her to be the most resourceful young lady I have dealt with in a long time. Would highly recommend her for any special project in today’s business climate. Her contributions helped greatly in making this project successful for our company.

Don Holman

I really liked working with Amy. She put together a marketing brochure for my gourmet food company. The product she produced was professional and creative and gave me the confidence I needed to meet with potential buyers. I would highly recommend her and she will be the first person I call when I need any marketing help in the future.

Mary Buthman

Amy Campbell is one of the most enthusiastic and knowledgeable people that I have ever met. She is very good at organizing herself as well as other people, and interacts with others with interest and compassion. Her technical skills are outstanding and she is definitely a forerunner with social media. She is an excellent writer and able to express herself and complex situations. She would be a star asset to any organization.

Linda Lee Jones

Amy is skilled marketing professional who demonstrates without hesitation a tireless drive towards achieving excellence with a focus to “get the job done” quickly and efficiently. Amy presents a strong and dynamic personality that is upbeat, effervescent, lively and infectious. Amy’s knowledge and approach to cost effective, customer and market focused business development and promotion make her a highly valuable individual to any team that is driving new inroads into product development and product positioning. Highly recommend AMY!

Scott Thornton, Owner, Thornton & Associates

I’ve worked with Amy for going on 3 years now, and I’ve had the opportunity to view her magic through both sides of the marketing window. When I was originally given the referral to contact Amy by one of my Globalspec clients, it was immediately clear to me after the first phone call how much energy and passion she brought with her in whatever she did. In the business of selling exposure in the form of advertising at the time, I saw how she had effectively created a strategic marketing plan for Allied Reliability and their start up joint venture with General Physics. Then I saw her execute them both flawlessly. She was then given the opportunity to revamp a marketing and nurturing campaign for another client of mine in Iriss. She met that challenge head on and turned the shotgun approach she inherited for marketing into a process with sniper like precision. The other side of the window I was able to view Amy through was when I hung up my advertising sales hat to lead up the marketing/sales efforts of one of my clients. Amy helped me collaborate on marketing automation ideas, lead nurturing best practices, and the ever important CRM integration to keep track of it all. The formula she has created for the Red Checker is truly a godsend for incognito sales specialists like myself trying to fill a marketing role as well. I have learned so much from Amy in the short time I have been able to collaborate with her. She is a tested and proven marketing/sales rockstar any growth company would be lucky to add to their team.

Andre Ellman